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Newcastle Tea Parlour

Thought everyone would like this:

There's a cute little tea shop/parlour in Newcastle, across Main Street from Newcastle Produce, called "An Afternoon To Remember." It caters to the Red Hat Society a lot, but I think it's very Lolita-ish and would be a good place for a meetup, if we ever got around to one of those. ^.^;

Reservations for a group of four or more are reccomended, but if you want to go there for Cream Tea only, it's really filling and quite inexpensive! A pot of tea for each person at the table, scones, and nibbles, and it's only $6.95 a person! I doubt you'll find a less expensive tea parlour in the foothill region, if you do manage to find another tea parlour at all. XD;

afternoontoremeber.com is the website, with detailed pictures of the premises.

Love, Peace, and Gothic & Lolita! o(^-^)v

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