Gino (saregu) wrote in sacto_gothloli,

Refugee From New Orleans

Hey, I'm from Fair Oaks originally and I was going to attend Loyola University in New Orleans for the fall semester of college (I would have been a sophomore). I managed to obviously escape the hurricane, and after a few days without power and almost no gas I was put on a plane back home here in cali to be with my mom. Lucky I got out... but with only a spare change of clothes and my laptop. It's good to be back home, and maybe I could take the chance of getting to know a couple of you better. Back in New Orleans I made a lot of friends and became more of a goth than I ever could staying where I was in Cali. Now I see that maybe I didn't take the time to really try and make friends I could associate with here when I had the chance, so I'm willing to try and fix that. Anyone want to at least say hi or something? Think I'll start tryin to go to the rage on a regular schedule.
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